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About Us

Our company, Kuvia, is about Happiness.

When kayak sailing, you leave your public self behind – traffic, schedules, business, and all the rules and roles society puts upon us. Out on the water, your inner self awakens and with it, the freedom and joy that comes from being centered within and connected to all of nature. “Kuviasungnerk” is the Inuit word for happiness and “kuvia” is its root. It represents what is important to us as well as pays tribute to the remarkable people that brought us kayaking. Seeing others enjoying themselves on the the Kayaksailor brings us a great deal of happiness and so we call our company Kuvia.

Since our patent approval in 2002, numerous prototypes and extensive testing have allowed us to offer you the most innovative, highest quality product available. In 2006 we moved from the Florida Keys to North America’s Columbia River Gorge, a leading center for high performance sailing enthusiasts.  Here we build  our rigs for happy paddle-sailing enthusiasts worldwide.

Our driving force is our dedication to our fellow kayak sailors. We appreciate our customers for who they are – our friends and sailing buddies. We thank each and every one of you for being who you are. We love seeing your smiles because smiles reflect happiness.

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