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Kayak-Sailing Collage Video

February 7th, 2017 by

Just want to share with you this little video collage put together from our library of clips.  As you probably already know by now, Patti and I routinely bring our cameras along with us when we head out on the water, and while it’s always super-fun to sail together and capture the moment, it’s even more fun to review the footage later and relive those special moments. We hope you enjoy watching it!  Let’s go sailing!


7 thoughts on “Kayak-Sailing Collage Video

  1. Nice! In a couple of months I’ll be back on the water. Good way to celebrate age 80.

  2. I bought a Folbot Yukon last year just before the company folded. Can I adapt your sail to my boat?

  3. Hi,Used this rig for 4 years now.Want more sail mass.Thinking about a jib that will attach to the top of the mast like your first experimental one. Why didn’t that work?

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