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New Mount Ideas

October 23rd, 2011 by

Several savvy  paddle-sailors are utilizing  marine rail mount and accessory mount hardware to attach their Kayaksailors.

Some of the notable features of these mounts are that they can be found in many marine stores, offer a convenient quick release option, and are designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment.

Here is an example of a Rail/Bimini mount:

Ron Waclawik  shares these photos of his Prion touring kayak outfitted with stainless steel rail and bimini mounting hardware.  He purchased them online from marinepartsdepot.com

Quick release pins make for easy removal.

The mount raises the rig up for convenient access to the storage hatch.

Here is a view of the mounts without the rig.

Note the safety lanyard for the release pin

Care should always be taken when drilling into the bottom of the main body tube.  It’s important to avoid hitting the thru hull pulley or the mast car bungee with the drill bit.  The forward mount can often be positioned farther aft to avoid the pulley and a drill bit spacer can be utilized to limit the drill bit penetration.

Below is a good example of a marine accessory mount.  These are often used to attach fishing rod holders and electronic equipment to boats.

Trevor Lowe, owner of Yakattack NZ Ltd. in Auckland, New Zealand shares these photos of his personal boat outfitted with marine accessory mounts from Railblaza.

Here is a view of the cross tube mount.

For the front he added an aluminum channel for the main body tube to rest in.

It’s a technical and sophisticated looking mount,

and also has a clean look when removed.

If you have any photos of your own  Kayaksailor mount that you would like to share, please send them!

Happy paddle-sailing.  🙂

10 thoughts on “New Mount Ideas

  1. Really good and available through the internet if , like me you live a long way from dealers, good of course for hard shells, us folder people have to come up with different ideas.

  2. Thanks for the comment John. Of course you are right, folding craft require different mounting solutions.
    I have been meaning to write a post dedicated to folders and skin-on-frames. Hope to post it soon.

  3. Your idea is a good one. I’m not sure that we can buy the hardware for much less than you can, but I will look into it.
    We just contracted to have a bunch of Micro Blocks made for us. They should be available in about a month or so.

  4. Contracting to have a “bunch of Micro Blocks” made sounds promising.That must mean the much anticipated Genoa cannot be too far away. Just in time for Summer down under. Yay!!

    The alternate mounts look good .

  5. Thanks Gavin. The mounts should make it much easier for people to mount their rig, especially if they don’t have the DIY gene. 🙂
    We are also getting jib sheet cleat base plates! Yes, not too far away! We are quite pleased with the design.

  6. Other than the railblaza starport, are the left and right saddle clamps, on the cross tube, an” off the shelf item” or constructed from an assortment,or assembleage of railblaza products? I,m interested since my Barracuda has already been accessories by the manufacturer, with several railblaza starports.

  7. Hi Laurie,

    That’s a good question. The photos of the mounts were sent to us. We haven’t actually tried them ourselves but the setup looks pretty sweet. From the information available on the railblaza site, it looks as though the saddle clamps for the cross tube are stock rail mounts. How they attach to the star ports, we’re not sure but we’ll look into it.

  8. i am trying to figure how to mount to my nautiraid 460 single .any input would be a help

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