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New Y40 Foam Mounting Cradles

October 14th, 2014 by

P1050163These ultra-high density, waterproof, foam mounting cradles give support to the cross tube as well as do a fine job of holding the main body tube on the center-line of a peaked, or shaped foredeck.

The Y40 foam is much better than the gray, Minicell foam commonly found in outfitting shops, mainly because it provides superior support.  It can also be easily shaped with a sharp knife and sand paper for a custom finish.

These mounting cradles work well on many skin-on-frame boats where drilling holes for mounting hardware is not a viable option.  They also work on a variety of hard shell boats with either peaked or domed foredecks, and in a situations where the rig needs to be made level, or lifted over deck hardware.


They can be quite useful for sailing borrowed or rented boats, and we’ve found them ideal for doing water trials with the under-the-hull strap, since the cradles help keep the rig from tilting.

There is a semi-circular groove cut into the top of the main cradle to accept the cross tube.   There is also a flat channel on both the main and front cradle to accept the main body tube. P1050168P1050167





To install them, simply bend the included piece of wire over the section of foredeck where you want the cradle is to sit.  Trace the shape of the wire on the cradle at the desired height, and cut with a sharp kitchen knife, razor, or band saw (if you have access to one).  It’s really that easy.


The Y40 foam is a little more expensive than Minicell, but in our minds it’s well worth it.   It’s quite a bit denser, provides much better support, and is easier to shape to a smooth finish.


We are now offering these on the website!  Please feel free to contact us.  🙂

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