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Kayaksailor Kits and Accessories

Our Products: Kayaksailor Kits and Accessories
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Price: US$15.00
List Price: US$17.00
You Save: US$2.00 (12%)
Price: US$25.00
Use this kit to attach your Kayaksailor to an additional boat or for multiple mounting options on tandem or triple seater boats.
Price: US$24.99
Secure minimalist mounting.
Price: US$17.99
Secure minimalist mounting.
Price: US$35.00
Y40 high density mini cell foam cradle for mounting the Kayaksailor to skin-on-frame boats or for those who want to support the cross tube.
Price: US$115.00
The RAILBLAZA Kayaksailor Mounting Kit is an attachment option using RAILBLAZA parts. Stylish, low profile 4 screw base mounts are interchangeable with Scotty, RAM, Cannon or Fish-On mounting bases. Allows attachment of any RAILBLAZA accessory.
Price: US$16.99
The RailBlaza clevis/bimini support accessory is an excellent way to adapt the RailBlaza Kayaksailor Mounting Kit to a hard shell boat with a peaked or domed deck. You will need one pair per side.
Price: US$28.00
A rescue Stirrup is an inexpensive accessory that allows one to re-enter their boat with speed and confidence.
Price: US$39.95
Safety gear for your paddle-sailing craft.
Price: US$60.00
These thigh braces are fully adjustable on both ends enabling the paddler optimum positioning of the molded leg pad. They provide an amazing amount of hull control while sailing. Recommended for sit-on-top, inflatable and folding kayaks.
Price: US$44.95
NRS' adjustable thigh straps for sit-on-top, inflatable or folding kayaks give you the amazing hull control while sailing. These thigh braces are fully adjustable on both ends enabling the paddler optimum positioning of the leg pad.
Price: US$19.99
List Price: US$23.99
You Save: US$4.00 (17%)
Fabricated by YakGear to hold the front of your Kayaksailor™ main body tube. Base is not included.
Price: US$23.99
The RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender has one pivot that allows full-circle free rotation (under resistance) along the central axis. The extender also has a central knob to adjust for up to 180° tilt in 15° increments. The Adjustable Extender will raise your RAILBLAZA accessory about 3 inches off the deck. Perfect for moving any RAILBLAZA accessory into a difficult position, the top of the Adjustable Extender features snap lock to secure your accessory in place. The Adjustable Extender is meant to be mounted on a Horizontal surface, but can be used vertically for light items. Base is recommended, but not included.
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