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Nothing makes us happier than to hear from you, our customer, who has used our Kayaksailor products out on our wonderful waters. If you’ve purchased Kayaksailor products or tried your buddy’s out, we’d love to hear what you think. Send us an email with your thoughts.

“Turned out to be the perfect 1st day. The winds were 3-5 mph in the morning for water trials. Then, as I did the strap eye mounting on the beach (cordless drill), the wind magically picked up to 10-15 to get some Paddle-Sailing in! It was great!!  I had so much fun!! Thank you again so much!!”
Rex and Terri S. ~ Fernley, NV

“Thank you so much, first, for taking the time and brain power to conceive this wonderful system. It is amazing how well designed this is! I can only imagine how many hours of thought, planning and designing have been invested in it. Also thank you for building it so well. The quality of the materials, including the plastics, are excellent, I could tell the moment I had them in my hand, you guys built this rig to last.”
Gabriel R. ~ College Park, MD

“Got my package today! I must say, I’m extremely impressed with the design, the materials, and the workmanship. Do you do your own manufacturing? That’s part of what caught my eye in the videos, this looked like top quality gear. And it didn’t disappoint. Looks like something off a 40′ sailboat, not a small boat conversion kit.”
Steve B. ~ Ayer, MA

“Wow!! What a beautiful piece of equipment! I’m a Senior Master Subaru Technician, In my 15 years of banging away on cars I’ve made some pretty cool tools, rigs and jigs and what not. It would take me a life time to create such a magnificent piece of machinery. My father and I spent an hour or so putting the sail up and down and examining the details in its operation.”
Brannon P. ~ Leyden, MA

“Todo montado a mi gusto. A pesar de no haber navegado nunca a vela, piloto disfrutando con esta maravilla de vela. Un invento estupendo”
Antonio O. ~ Huelva, ES

“The sail worked wonderfully! It was also the first time I put the Ocean Kayak in the water. The Trident tracks well, handles well and the synergy between the kayak and sail is great!”
Ross M. ~ Bangor, Maine

“Thank you for your helpful dealing. And, your advice for reefing the sail in the first sea trials is important to a beginner like me.I finished my trial sailing with your masterpiece . It was fantastic. With my trial sailing, I realize that firstly I have myself be familiar with main sailing only without Jib-sail. With 1 or 2 times sailing under main sail only, I could catch a feeling and then, I could powerfully develope my combination sailing along with a genoa sail. Actually, I was impressed with the power of the genoa sail at my first sailing.After sailing, I can say that it was so easy in controlling and it was so beautiful in sliding on the water.It looked that the main sail  powerfully responded to even a mild wind, while the genoa triggered a driving force near the stage of stall.”
JY Cho ~ South Korea

“I have been sailing the 1.6 down here in the Keys for about a year now and it is awesome. I am spoiled rotten and cannot even think about paddling without it over any distance anymore. It gets me out to the reef to spearfish, gets me into the backcountry and of course gets me home from both. I love it!”
Kevin S. ~ Florida Keys

“Dear Patti und David, Your rigg received Füssen and I have mounted it and it is perfect. Today I have made the first sailing tour and every thing worked at best! Thank you very much for your service and your kindness. You are a perfect team and I have much pleasure with kayaksailor!”
Joachim S. ~ Germany

Just one word QUALITY. It was so well packaged and everything clearly labelled and even included a hand written personalised welcome note. It is obvious that this product is hand crafted with loving care and attention and does not come off an assembly line somewhere in China. So this makes it very special in this day and age. Thanks again for a wonderful product.”
Nigel C. ~ Dublin, Ireland

Your sail is absolutely awesome!
It is beautiful design, great engineering and art all in one and adds a whole new dimension to my kayaking adventures. From now on I’ll be setting sail whenever there’s an opportunity. Especially when I start the long paddle home after fishing the reefs.”

Marc O. ~ Tracy, California

Many thanks!! The sail is made very high quality and nice and tidy!! Thank you!! I really really like!”
Vlad P. ~ Pushchino, Russia

I was finally able to use the rig on my kayak on Memorial Day. What fun! I had the sail reefed, but light winds and my male ego had me raise the sail to its full majesty. Not scary at all! I’m still learning and thanks to light winds I managed to tack and jibe my way upwind and had opportunities to run down wind as well. The kayak leaned and responded to wind gusts, but I learned not to panic; steering into the wind or just letting the sheet out to dump the wind and slow myself down. I even ran close-hauled getting as much from the wind as I could. Even though I don’t have a rudder, I was amazed how little input I had to give with a paddle, to get the kayak to respond.

I anticipate kayak sailing at every opportunity this season and will send photos as I progress.”
Andy K. ~ Topton, PA

I just received my sail on Friday and had a chance to water test it on Saturday. I had never sailed before so it was an adventure. I think I picked it up fairly quickly, although I have a lot to learn. I definitely made the right choice in your product. It’s a lot of fun and easy to assemble and pack away at the end of the day. I have an older Necky sport kayak. It’s about 14.5 foot. I live in South Jersey. I plan on getting some good practice on the lake that we live on and then taking it out to the bay. Then when I get the courage I’ll take it out on the ocean off of Cape May. Thank you for creating the perfect sail for what I was looking to do, and for having the most informative website. All my questions were answered, making it easy to know what I needed.”
Mark A. ~ Medford, New Jersey

My 12.5 ft Jackson Ibis has been great for the Kayaksailor. I steer with my paddle, and the smaller Ibis is very responsive to the wind and very stable with its 29” width. The sail has added a whole new dimension to kayaking for me. The kayaksailor with its ability to sail into the wind takes me back to my launch site without having to paddle too much. I have to stick my paddle on the water now and then to see if I am moving because it is so quiet as I am gliding along through the water enjoying my afternoon. I did learn that the wind cannot always overcome the flood stage currents of the mighty Ohio River. Thanks for making the Kayaksailor. It is a beautiful technically designed sailing system for small boats.”
Howard R ~ Louisville,Kentucky

Thank you Patti and David!
I got the sail/rig a day before and of course I had to try it last night. There was not too much wind, but that did not spoil my admiration for the work you have done. I am an engineer and love to see good engineering work. Your product is super example of great engineering. I was wondering what to admire more, rig or sail. Rig with whole light weight and sliding track and halyard lifting the top of the sail is genius !!!! And sail is great piece of engineering too.”

I should not forget the great instructional videos and excellent instructor. It was so easy to set things that I was truly amazed. Again, attention to details was superb.”
Pedrag A. ~ Burnaby, BC, Canada

Making 9mph in 25mph winds. It doesn’t get any better than this, thanks for the smiles.””
Greg B. ~ South Florida

La primera vez que pensé en poner velas a mi kayak, pensaba en ampliar mi rango de acción en las pescas, para ayudarme en el esfuerzo del paleo, y como resorte de seguridad para dias ventosos….No esperaba esta magnífica experiencia….

When I thought for the first time of adding sails to my kayak , I was thinking of broadening my fishing range, of helping me with my paddling effort, of having some sort of safe last resort if the wheather turned windy…. I was not prepared for this outstanding experience……”
Jose Miguel Rodriguez ~ Canary Islands

What an innovation!  I love my kayak sail.  It is totally brilliant!”
Jenevieve D.~ Clearwater, FL

Received my kayak sailing rig today and am completely impressed by your product. I am an engineer by trade, a perfectionist by nature and a committed (perhaps even arrogant) do-it-yourselfer. I find nothing in your product I could have done better. The attention to detail, quality of materials, packaging, instructions, fit and finish are all outstanding”
John O. ~ Zionsville, PA

It is a beautiful product. I think of David as the Steve Jobs of small-format sail design and I feel like I can call him up if I have a question… that is incredible! As our current thread of conversation demonstrates, the customer experience is the best. Also, very important, the lifestyle brand as portrayed in the video and music and blog is perfectly understated and so genuine. Don’t change anything – just keep charging forward.”
Chris H. ~ Las Vegas, NV

Los felicito el mejor sistema de vela que he probado, he recorrido 40 km en la laguna Mar chiquita, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina en forma perfecta en un Klepper Aerius II. Sigan así son los únicos que han creado un sistema de vela para kayak realmente práctico y que funciona. Cordiales saludos y muchas felicidades y prosperidad para el 2014″
Alejandro P. ~ Argentina

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Kayaksailor kit with genoa.  It was just as easy to install as your instructions indicated and really, really fun to sail.  I’ve been traveling for 3 months and away from my kayak, and cannot wait to get back on the water again with my Kayaksailor kit.”
Fred R. ~ Sioux Falls, SC

Ich bin von Kayak Sailor begeistert, super Qualität super Funktion.”
Guido B. ~ Germany

Hace unas semnas recibimos nuestras velas. Decirles que es una verdadera obra de ingeniería y que ha sido manufacturado y enviado de forma exquisita. Enhorabuena!!”
Ricardo y José Miguel ~ Islas Canarias

“I received my sail yesterday and promptly fitted it to my Tarpon 120.  In the afternoon I took it over to Wroxham Broad.  It took about ten minutes to set up and off I went.  We had 15 mph wind.  I pulled on the lines to bring the sail up and, well, I just couldn’t believe how good it was at all points of sail.  I was keeping up with toppers and full sized sail boats.  I was so happy I wanted to cry.  I was out on the water for three hours.  …. It would be great to form a kayak sailing club.  Would love to know if you get any orders from this area in the future.  Thanks again!”
David S. ~ Norwich, Norfork UK

…”I just wanted to tell you that you have what I consider to be the best kayak sailing rig out on the market right now. It is superbly made, the performance is amazing, and the simplicity of use showcases the top-notch engineering.

Our warm season is drawing to a close here in northern Wisconsin but I can’t wait for next year!”
Russ C. ~ Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

“First , I was very impressed with the quality of the materials, the packaging and the workmanship of the rig. Setting it up was easy, since I had studied your videos while waiting for delivery and quickly found existing deck fittings to which I could attach the rig. Out on the water it performed flawlessly. With only adjustments to the leeboards and Genoa, steering was a breeze and the rig sails close enough to the wind that I was able to sail around in large loops.  Only with very strong gusts from passing typical Florida summer afternoon thunderstorms did any heeling occur, and this was easily managed, and never did I feel overpowered.

I am very happy with the Kayaksailor sails and feel lucky to be able enjoy the best of two worlds and to be a part of a nascent water sport. I am very grateful for all of the feedback that you provided throughout the process and feel that not only did I purchase an outstanding kayak sailing rig, but that I made some new amazing friends along the way. THANK YOU AGAIN.”
Carlos ~ Miami, FL 

“I am sailing and trolling now. Getting more confidence.
Love the sail!”

Mike M. ~ Florida

“I have just come back from a 7 days raid in Croatia (Archipelago of Zadar) where I could test my new Kayaksailor on a rental Seayak Prijon (I fand out on site that luckily this kayak had deck D-rings at the perfect place, so I didn’t have to use the strap going under the hull).

The Kayaksailor really was my best friend there and contributed to turn this kayak journey into a very special experience. It helped me to save my strength/shoulders (I am not a frequent praticant) and was a lot of fun sailing as soon as the thermal breeze sat up in the afternoon. It was also up to my expectations (like sailing upwind instead of paddling against it). The jib is very easy to handle and seemed quite efficient in complementing the main sail … Cheers,”
Pierric ~ Geneva, Switzerland

“Your rig is very clever! I was surprised how high I could get up into the wind when tacking – actually better than most of the sailboats out on days with wind! Not sure how much leeward drift I had in comparison, but I was definitely sailing closer to the wind than they were.
John H. ~ Canada

“To get to the point, the rig performed like a charm right off the bat. Choosing light winds I quickly got the hang of it and progressed  to adding the “paddlesail” like a spinnaker for downwind. What impressed me the most was the stable strap system, no slipping and sliding whatsoever. The sideboards and raising and retreiving the mast work well. As I glide along I recognized how well thought out and tested this equipment is.

As soon as I venture into the mountain lakes I hope to get you a video and some picture in our scenic settings.
Till then I say hello from Canada
Tom S. ~ Canada

Hola Patri
“Ya probé la vela en Galicia y es espectacular. La piragua navega muy bien y el manejo es muy cómodo. También probé un vuelco forzado (capsize) y se recupera todo muy bien. Ya navegue veinte milla náuticas a una media de 5.5 knots. y no he tenido ningún problema. La ceñida es buena (reaching) y la realizo a unos 40º con el viento. Aceptable sin duda. Estoy muy contento con la vela.

La verdad es que esta vela en las rías gallegas es de lo más rentable, puesto que la ola es pequeña y te permite navegar muy bien. Será magnifico que algún día coincidiéramos en Galicia. Os invitaría a comer una de las mejores cocinas del mundo.
Gracias por todo y mi enhorabuena por el diseño de las velas.
Juan P. ~ España

“Hi all at Kuvia.  I have been off line for awhile.  have had so much fun with the kayaksailor.  bad weather has me off the water now, thank you for an amazing product!”
Doug H. ~ New Zealand

“First of all I wanted to thank you for the sail rig. It is great ! I finally bought a Necky vector 14 in May and installed the rig on it recently. I was in London, England for a while so I had to wait a little. Last Sunday, I sailed 4 or 5 hours on the Schliersee for the second time. Although I had no sailing experience whatsoever, I found it easy to use it. There were quite nice breezes and I managed to go quite fast. At the beginning I was scared to capsize but it did not happen … therefore I got more and more courageous and I tried to get faster and faster. There were 2 or 3 catamarans in the area and I tried to copy what they did and it worked. At the very beginning I let the wind control the main sail and then I experimented with both the main sail, the genoa and the leeboard. The drawing in the instruction booklet made a lot of sense. I took a lot of pleasure and now this is turning into a real passion. I cannot wait to go onto the water again.
I must say that your blog, the website, your pictures and the videos are of a high quality.”

David L. ~ U.K.

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that we had a blast this weekend sailing about on a loaner SOT (still waiting on ours to arrive). I am amazed at the build quality and the design and even more amazed at how easy it is to get up and running. Both me and my wife were able to get back and forth across the bay sans paddling once we got a feel for it and me and my Dad did some nice leisurely cruising as well. Attached is a pic of me in the center (solo) position of a Malibu Two with my four year old on the back seat (which works quite well). She had a blast! Thanks again for such a great item and your wonderful service! We couldn’t be happier!
Jeff P. ~ Oceanside, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my sailing rig that I bought from you.  I get stares and compliments where ever I go.  Several weeks ago I passed  a 36 foot sailboat going in opposite directions close enough to talk and the owner thought that it was the coolest thing that he ever saw, but for some reason he declined my offer to swap.  Even my wife who thought that it would be an extravagant waste of money has come around.  We were paddling the Scarborough Marsh located along the coast of southern Maine.  On our return we were going up river against the tide which was running at peak.  My wife was not struggling but she was working hard.  I easily sailed beside her and grabbed onto her cockpit and together we easily sailed up river.  After about a half hour she turned to me and said, “this is great!”
Gary M, ~ Maine

I’ve adapted your sail rig (1.6m²) to my inflatable Sevylor kcc335 Colorado and have only to say: That’s Fantastic! It sails to all courses without rudder, using only the paddle to tack, Great! And most important, the mainsheet cleat allows you to sail handsfree! Great item, congratulations!
Mariano Arroyo, ~ Spain

Wow, I’m really impressed with this sail on my Delta 12.10! How you came up with this in your head David and brought it to fruition is amazing!   The attention to detail, the packaging, the performance, everything is first class.  I had to sell my sailboat three years ago and just took up kayaking to get back on the water,so when I stumbled on this product I knew it was for me. Now I have the best of both worlds.  2nd and 3rd day out we had strong wind and good size wind and boat waves, including one that broke over the bow and cooled me off, that was fun!  Everything works great and I’m more than pleased.  Also, I did not need the bow sprit kit as the way it sits right now I can just barely reach the back of the sail…but have good paddle clearance. Every time I take it out I receive many positive comments.  Thank you Patti and David, it was a pleasure doing business with you!”
John Spooner, ~ Colorado

I think that you have a very elegant solution to adding a sail to a kayak or canoe.  My first look at your website convinced me that this rig would be perfect for me. When I saw how easy your rig went up and down, I was smitten. Thanks again.”
Gary Hirsch, ~ St. Joseph, MI

I was looking for something like your rig for a long time to be able to take non-paddlers in a double Klepper without adding so much dead weight that it became difficult for me.  Now I can let the wind take up the slack!  Thanks.”
John Silverman, ~ New York,NY

I love the design and engineering of the sailing rig and must once again compliment you both for that…  Kayaksailor has expanded my enjoyment of kayaking.”
Thom Underwood, ~ San Diego, CA

Wonderful!  Really wonderful!  Thank you for such a great product!”
Gary Gilbett, ~ Wayland, MA

It works perfectly and gives me a lot of fun.  Greetings and a big smile from me.”
C. Labee, ~Netherlands

The rig works a treat.  Spent about 8 hours on the water this weekend in light wind and up to about 14 knots so got a really good feel for the sail and found the best position for it.  The boat went upwind and reached beautifully….The Kayaksailor is a winner ….”
Gavin Baker, ~ Huntly, New Zealand

I ordered a Kayaksailor 1.6m² in red trim about August 2010 which arrived in about eight days. What a beautifully crafted kit! The presentation on the video and the carry bag including the fitout kit are of a very high quality. My new Ocean Kayak 4.7 Ultra looks spectacular under sail….I’ve made an outrigger kit for rough weather fishing that’s still under trials but went well under sail. This has introduced a whole new approach to my kayak fishing.

The service, quality product, love and care that is shown at Kuvia is very appreciated. Thank You.”
Terry Fletcher ~ Australia

The main reason I was attracted to the kayaksailor was that it offers the ability to sail on all points of the wind due to its design in combination with the lee boards. It also was easy to see after doing my research that there currently isn,t anything else in the market that offers as much performance. Also the quality of the kayaksailor is brilliant. Mine is used in salt water conditions and is showing no sign of deterioration. As far as any body who may be considering this product, I can, with out reservation, say go for it you will not be disappointed in the kayaksailor or the service you will receive. It is obvious that both David and Patricia are both passionate and of great integrity. I would suggest you make full use of there knowledge when making your purchase decision.

The kayak I paddle/sail is a Paddling Perfection Euro X made in New Zealand out Kevlar/fiberglass combination. This kayak is on the narrow side for sailing but I wanted to push the limit a bit to gain maximum performance. Specs are 5.4metres by 54cm wide weighing 22kgs, hence the reason for choosing the 1.4meter sail as per your recommendations. I find 8-12knots of wind is ideal. My time on the water is now more fun due to the options of now being able to choose between paddling, paddle sailing or just sailing which also teaches you a whole new set of skills.”
~ Kelvin Harper, ~ Tauranga, New Zealand

Well I love it. Makes trolling very easy. It gets out of the way better than a (other sail) when paddling. Be sure to tell folks in cooler weather when you idle back the engine and let the sail work the heat output of the engine goes away and getting cold is an issue. Bundle up or start paddling again.”
~ Charlie Fast ~ Valrico, Florida

I have a 2005 Ocean Kayak – Prowler 13 Model(13′ 4″) which seems to be an ideal size for the Kayaksailor rig. I am a kayaker whose first love is sailing so the chance to combine the two was a no-brainer. I used to take a beach umbrella along for the downwind legs of my trips which worked well as long as I was going downwind but the Kayaksailor works sooooo much better and on all tacks! I can still explore the shallow and narrow creeks, then when I come out into open water I pop up the sail and I’m off. If someone is apprehensive about tipping over – don’t be. Just ease out the full-battened sail to spill as much wind as needed without any luffing (sail flapping). I have used both the large and small sails and prefer the larger to take full advantage of light breezes without worry of being over-powered in heavier winds. Kayaksailor is well-made, durable and worth the money. ”
~ Bert Reynolds ~ Florida

It is absolutely the best sailing solution for a recreational kayak that I can imagine. My boat remains a kayak, and yet I’ve got this incredible sailing capability. The boat will sail at all points, upwind downwind, and reaching… it really is a sailboat when the sail is flying. The sail can be raised so easily, it can be adjusted, reefed and trimmed as needed. And yet, I can drop the sail in an instant and I’ve got my kayak back to poke into some secluded little spot or stop and watch the fish and birds. It is not encumbered by an outrigger that detracts from my ability to paddle and maneuver. I still am in love with this idea and this sail.

~ Fred Damerow~ Kennewick, Washington < Necky Eskia>

I always look forward to sailing my yak, as it gives an ear to ear grin whenever the wind picks up. I am completely satisfied, and your product has actually exceeded my expectations! This is a very balanced rig. I’ve sailed in 20 plus knots (without reefing)on the ICW (intracoastal waterway) with waves and large vessel wake. The sail spills the wind and have never felt overpowered or in any danger of broaching. I’m a sailor first, and paddler second. I can sail in all points of sail (upwind, across the wind and downwind). The lee boards are very well designed, and I can keep my yak balanced by trimming the lee board. Once I learned how to trim, I no longer felt the need to add a rudder. This rig handles very well in 5 to 20 knots without reefing. I researched several rigs, and this is by far the best at this price point! If you want a better sailing kayak, you will need to buy a purposely built sailing kayak that will cost $$$.
~ Rich Hughsam ~ Florida < RTM Disco 14 with Hobie sidekick pontoons, no rudder>

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